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15 Expert Insights from Day Two of Bio-Based Live in San Francisco.

Posted on Sep 28, 2016 4:45:00 AM

Adoption Challenges Panel Discussion: L-R: Rennovia, Kalion, Mango Materials, AnellotechWe are just about all done here at Bio-Based Live here in San Francisco and what a couple of days it has been here at Holiday Inn Golden Gateway! Global leaders from across the industry all explaining, debating and presenting the latest bio-based chemicals and product and brand developments in our speaker sessions, shark tank sessions focussed on investment, of course plenty of networking. Yesterday we offered 15 Speaker Insights from Day One and today we have another fifteen from some of the many experts in attendance here today. 

For those of you on Twitter also take a look at the hashtag #BioBasedLive which has again been very busy today and our account @Bio_BasedWorld  which has even more coverage of the a great two days! And make sure you keep in contact for the next Bio-Based Live, in Amsterdam, on June 1st-2nd 2017.

“It’s not sexy to look at financial analysis, but if you can tell a better story about your supply chain, then it is. Rather than greenwashing, you can have tangible, visible benefits. Telling stories with numbers is the way to break through to senior leadership. And be bold! Be a little disruptive!” - Cynthia Phillips, Advisor, Strategic Planning, Bioserie (Read more: How Bioserie are making child's play of bio-based plastic. )

“We believe we can lead a business that can help take back the planet… We started doing CSE reporting in 1996, when that wasn’t a thing. Legal used to ask why we were sharing the ‘bad news’ with the world.” - Mikhail Davis, Director, Restorative Enterprise, Interface

“We don’t really communicate with the term ‘bio-based’ to our customers, it’s more of an internal thing.” - Kaj Johnson, Senior Director, Product Development, Ecover / Method

“How can you communicate something if you can’t define it?” - Corrine Young, CEO, Re:Chem

 “Cost matters. A fundamental tenet of Annellotech is low costs through the chain, beginning with the biomass and feed stock.” - David Sudolsky, Founder, President & CEO, Annellotech

“We are all in this together, whether we compete or not.” - Kaj Johnson, Senior Director, Product Development. Ecover / Method

“Knowing your own team is key. And the team includes investors, your own colleagues plus your customers.” - Darcy Prather, President, Kalion Inc

“When the oil price is down, innovation has to be up!”- Corrine Young, CEO, Re:Chem

“In the plastics space legislation is helping drive forward the industry. Price matters, but this gives it a real urgency. Further legislation to help drive bio-based forward would be very helpful.” – Anne Schauer-Gimenez, VP Methane MarketingMango Materials (Read more: Ask the Industry: Dr. Molly Morse, CEO & Co-Founder, Mango Materials. )

 “Bio-Based is not a sustainability claim. So what? Does it work better? We have to quickly get passed the idea that bio-based has an intrinsic appeal.” - Mikhail Davis, Director, Restorative Enterprise, Interface

“Technology doesn’t always trump human behaviour, so legislation like recent plastics ban in France, really helps to support growth.” – James Iademarco, President, Strategic Avalanche LLC

“Technology moves faster than legislation” - Darcy Prather, President, Kalion Inc

“We’ve received 26,000 proposals, only accepted 15 for funding.” – Rob van der Meij, Investment Manager, Capricorn Venture Partners

“You cannot have relentless pursuit of irrelevant perfection, you have to be customer-centric and know where the value is from day one. Know what you are creating! ” – Atul Bali, CEO, Competitive Green Technologies

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