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3.5 billion items of rubbish saved from landfill by TerraCycle and UPS.

Posted on Aug 16, 2017 2:39:00 PM

HQ-resize-2.jpg“UPS is helping TerraCycle transport what was once considered trash or unrecyclable materials.”

Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of waste that would otherwise be disposed of in landfill has instead been recycled, thanks to the help of two international companies. TerraCycle, which specialises in recycling hard-to-recycle waste such as toothpaste tubes and crisp packets, and global giant UPS, have teamed up to give 3.5 billion items of waste a new life, turning them into products including rubbish bins and park benches. The initiative has been running since 2012, in which time it has diverted more than 18,000 tonnes of waste from landfill.

“UPS is helping TerraCycle transport what was once considered trash or unrecyclable materials,” said Patrick Browne, Director of Global Sustainability at UPS.

“As a result, businesses, communities and consumers can recycle more items and less waste is being thrown into landfills.”

The news comes following TerraCycle’s union with Nestlé, the manufacturers of the Nespresso coffee pod. The single-use pods have until recently been very difficult to recycle, owing to the combination of materials used in their manufacture, but can today be collected and recycled using the TerraCycle’s Nespresso Recycling Program.

For TerraCycle, the latest UPS news has been the result of a 16-year journey that began life in 2001, when founder and CEO, Tom Szaky, stayed with friends who were feeding food scraps to red worms and using the by-product to feed their indoor plants. Realising the potential of recycling, Szaky soon quit university and led TerraCycle on a full-time basis, along the way launching in UK, Brazil and Canada in 2009, extending to Norway, Spain, Germany and Ireland. Today the company has a presence in more than 16 markets across the world.

TerraCycle also runs a Beauty Products Recycling Program with the support of L'Oreal Australia, taking back any makeup back, whatever the brand.

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