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5 minutes with... Martin Jehart, Co-Founder & CEO of Organoid Technologies.

Posted on Jun 23, 2017 3:00:00 PM

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"When someone smells our products for the first time and inhales the natural scents, it gives me great pleasure and reminds me that it’s amazing what we’ve been able to achieve!"

Organoid Technologies is a decorative coating producer designed to play with your senses as well as save the environment. There is no limit to your imagination - envisage a wall covered in lavender, coffee, fresh grass cuttings or jasmine. The raw materials are dried, ground, screened, and pressed as a mixture. They allow a new experience of natural raw materials as the surface is untreated which means the characteristics are preserved. It is possible to produce lamps, mobile phone covers as well as highly absorbing acoustic panels with surfaces with these unique natural scents. So this week our reporter Emily O'Dowd spoke to the co-founder Martin Jehart who first established this business idea in 2012.

Emily O’Dowd (EOD): What inspired you to set up Organoids?

Martin Jehart (MJ): Nature is the world’s best designer and natural products do have great advantages. In my opinion, you can feel more comfortable when you are surrounded by the environment because it is a calming experience and links us with the natural world. At Organoids, our natural products use many different applications which can be used as wallpaper, furniture doors and even flooring. Our aim is to bring eco-friendly interiors with additional functions.

EOD: What do you enjoy most about your role?

MJ: Surprising people – when someone smells our products for the first time and inhales the natural scents gives me great pleasure and reminds me that it’s amazing what we’ve been able to achieve! You can smell coffee, fruit and grass just to name a few. I also enjoy inventing new application options like mobile phone covers.

Organoid 3.jpgEOD: Where do you hope to see your business in five years’ time?

MJ: I Organoid 3.jpgwould hope that in five years’ time we have evolved a competitive product and become the world leading company in this area of innovation. We are the only business developing this product so I hope it stays this way! Additionally, we want to promote the use of Organoid products in place of wood veneers.

EOD: What’s the most effective way to reach out to new consumers?

MJ: Every time we engage with new consumers I always encourage them to smell our products so they are invested in our sustainable story. I mention the upcycling process, production and the history of the raw materials that we use.

EOD: What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in the industry?Organoid.jpg

MJ: At Organoids, it is tricky to produce a product which is always consistent with the same quality that we show in our samples. However, we do have control over 40 parameters to ensure the quality criteria is met by architects and designers when we specify our products.

EOD: What advice would you give for someone considering setting up a bio-based business?


MJ: Just make your product real, believe in what you do and stay devoted to running your bio-based business. The public is definitely becoming more engaged and paying more attention to sustainable and ecologically responsible products. This is the time to begin your sustainable journey!

EOD: What is your favourite bio-based product aside from your own product range?

MJ: My favourite material at the moment is definitely flax, this universal plant provides high-quality fibres and grows almost everywhere.

Our last 5 minutes with... Frans Prins, Editor of Lilli Green Blog.

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