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5 minutes with... Andreas Kohl, Head of Research & Development Biotechnology at Cefic, European Chemical Industry Council.

The first bioplastic coffee cup could prevent 2.5 billion takeaway cups going to landfill.

How a water filter made from wood can offer portable and eco-friendly purification.

What’s the answer to our world’s depleting food and fuel crisis?

Now accepting entries: Bio-Based Innovation Awards 2017 - European Edition.

"A new milestone" has been reached by Audi, BASF and Covestro with the development of their bio-based hardener.

Will BP and DuPont’s joint venture become a catalyst for the bioeconomy with their next generation biofuel?

Growing plant-based footwear is “just the first step” for Reebok.

5 minutes with... Dr Pattanathu Rahman, Chairman and Director of TeeGene.

A new industry collaboration hopes to drive the circular economy using sustainable chemistry.

How can art and science collaborate to raise awareness for the sustainable industry?

Forest biomass could become “a big opportunity for the future” of bioenergy.

Biokim’s “innovative business model” to build commercial bio-refinery in Adana, Turkey.

5 minutes with... Omer Emran, Product Manager Environmental Innovation, Tetra Pak.

Expert View: How are LEGO driven to "influence the adults of tomorrow"?

bio-bean’s collaboration with Caffè Nero could help power homes and cars in the future.

Bio-Based World News announces acquisition of World Bio Markets.

5 minutes with... Pieter-Dave Boekel, Product Manager at Interflon BV.

A new UK plant will deliver a unique bioplastic solution derived from biodiesel.

How a new high-performance,100% bio-based pouch is aiming to make food packaging more sustainable.

5 minutes with... Dirk Kronemeijer, CEO of GoodFuels.

Unlocking the opportunities and risks of using seaweed biofuels in aviation.

Bio-based recycling containers "to drive adoption of bioplastics in the marketplace".

Sofinnova Partners asserts itself as a "pioneer investor" after raising €106 million for bio-tech fund.

Danone and Nestlé Waters lead new initiative that could "bring bio-based bottles to the world as soon as possible."

5 minutes with... William Horner, Founder and President of Totally Green Bottles & Caps.

Why the internet sensation FORMcard is a bioplastic solution helping to fix your world.

PepsiCo are teaming up with Danimer to move closer towards its biodegradeable packaging aims.

Industry giants Total and Corbion begin their journey to "support the future of bioplastics."

5 minutes with... Wayne Lee, Founder and CEO of Lee Enterprises Consulting.

The US Air Force has "the leading edge" for bio-based technology.

After a €3.7 billion investment plan, how strong is Europe's bio-based economy?

Published today! Issue #5 of Bio-Based World Quarterly.

Avantium collaborates with four industry experts to convert wood into a biochemical.

Why is algae making its way to more supermarket shelves?

5 minutes with... Sam Varney, Co-Founder of Silverstick.

Why it's now time to replace your cling film with beeswax.

How are researchers using silk to create large scale biotechnology solutions?

How could renewable car tyres be made from grass clippings in your back garden?

Unilever make a 'game-changing' move to disclose their fragrance ingredients to consumers.

5 Minutes With… Irina Price, Director & Co-Founder, EcoOutfitters

Magic bullets? Why the US Army is setting its sights on biodegradable ammunition. 

Could a PhD student have the breakthrough technology to reduce the price of biochemicals?

A bio-based coating has created a greener way to paint trains.

IKEA to make sustainability "an option for everyone" with kitchens made from recycled plastic bottles.

5 minutes with... Leif Löf, Vice President and Founder of Kemibolaget.

Expert View: Fast-fashion retailer H&M "conscious" to deliver sustainable solutions.

Costa Coffee are cleaning up their act to stop 30 million paper cups going to landfill.

AkzoNobel collaborates with Itaconix to “explore opportunities” for bio-based polymers.

5 minutes with... David Anderson, Global Vice President of Marketing for Green Biologics.

Will the European Commission’s Roadmap tackle plastic waste prevention?

A new kind of business? Investors offer renewed focus on ethical investments. 

How could a sustainable alternative to bricks revolutionise the construction world?

VIDEO: Can you imagine a world without 'stuff'?

5 minutes with... Julia Schifter, Business Development Director at TIPA.

Could laser labelling be coming to a supermarket near you?

The latest sustainable packaging solution? Shopping bags made from prawns.

Industry experts unite to present global plastic recycling plan.

Global Bioenergies swoop for Dutch conversion technology start-up Syngip.

5 minutes with… Steve Hurff, Vice President for Marketing and Sales at DuPont Tate and Lyle Bio Products.

Mazda exhibits its first car made with a bioplastic exterior.

Avantium’s latest acquisition is “an important step... to create and commercialise breakthrough technologies.”

5 minutes with... Anke Domaske, CEO and Founder of QMilch.

How pine needles from your used Christmas tree could be turned into a bio-plastic. 

Retail giants Waitrose, John Lewis and Argos have started using renewable biomethane in their lorries.

Banning microbeads could breach EU trade regulations.

$5.8 billion invested by VC’s in bio-based chemicals; focus shifts to disruptive synthetic biology.

5 minutes with... Niels Schenk, CTO of BioBTX.

How one company is paving their way to a brighter future.

How is CO2 being used as a raw material for plastics?

What were Bio-Based World News' most read stories of 2016? 

Have a very merry Bio-Based Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tetra Pak 'protects what's good' with their new 80% sustainable carton.

Editor's Preview: 'Delivering the Impact' at IBioIC's next annual conference.

Calling all bio-based projects! The Maine Born Global Challenge wants to hear from you!

5 minutes with... Tom Cridland, CEO and Founder of Tom Cridland.

Shipments of bio-based n-butanol and acetone now leaving Green Biologics first commercial plant.

2016 marks IKEA’s strongest sustainability progress so far.

Leaf Resources join forces with Novozymes to enhance the production of glycell.

5 minutes with... Tom Chappell, CEO and Co-Founder of Ramblers Way.

Published today! Issue #4 of Bio-Based World Quarterly.

Barry Callebaut set to make “sustainable chocolate the norm” by 2025.

Demand for bio-based plastic continues to rise despite falling oil costs.

View from the USA: It’s a Whole New World

5 minutes with... Alex Baker, COO of Leaf Resources.

New European database aims to boost awareness about bio-based products and where to find them.

adidas and Ocean Parley team up to create trainers and football tops from upcycled marine plastic.

How2Compost, the second generation of recycling labelling.

5 minutes... Fanny Liao, Senior Vice President of Far Eastern New Century.

Would you feel safer wearing a cycle helmet made from paper?

DuPont and Tate & Lyle at 10; a partnership “grown past what was previously imagined.”

5 minutes with... Llana Taub, Co-Founder of Snact.

How could skin pigments be used to strengthen clothing and fabrics in our homes?

Joint bio-plastics venture between Total and Corbion formed; operations launch Q1 2017

Big oil meets bio-based as Saudi Aramco buys a $100m sustainable polyol technology.

3.5 billion reasons why sustainable toothbrushes could be big business.

5 minutes with... Mark Geerts, CEO of PaperFoam.

Bio-based in space! 3D printers to make green plastics for astronauts.

View from the USA: The government is on the hunt for ground-breaking solutions.

Bio-Start are offering a prize package worth £200,000 for UK bio-based businesses!

Walmart prioritises packaging in their latest sustainability pledge.

5 minutes with... Sophie Mather, Material Futurist at Biov8tion.

Seven expert insights from Agri Meets Chemicals 2016.

Biodegradable packaging + surplus food = sustainable snacking.

Coffee fuels people and now its waste is an exciting new bio-based resource.

Video: Watch plastic waste be turned into safe, edible mushrooms.

5 minutes with... Tom Domen, Global Head of Long Term Innovation at Ecover + Method

Leaf takes root in Malaysia as commercial projects get government support.

Unibio completes final upgrades ahead of commencement of large scale commercial phase.

Country focus: Finland a world leader in the forest bio-economy.

5 minutes with... Puneet Trehan, Material and Innovation Development Leader Polymers, IKEA.

Five UK R&D centres forge new alliance to support bio-economy growth.

New joint venture Synvina to take a "globally leading role” in FDCA production.

Bonaveri BNATURAL mannequins inspire the fashion industry.

5 minutes with... Bert van Son, CEO, Mud Jeans

Novamont opens world’s first plant for the production of bio-based butanediol on industrial scale.

Editor’s preview - Agri meets Chemicals 2016: From the land to the brand.

Carlsberg's new bio-based beer bottles to ‘step up' to sustainability targets.

Industry insights: TOTAL's BioLife range.

Industry consortium forms to focus on commercializing bio-based gasoline.

Just how much are bio-based products worth to the US economy?

Who has won the 2016 Bio-Based Americas Innovation Awards?

15 Expert Insights from Day Two of Bio-Based Live in San Francisco.

15 Expert Insights from Day One of Bio-Based Live in San Francisco. 

Unilever swoop for bio-based products brand Seventh Generation. 

European pilot facilities join forces to improve the continent's innovation capacity.

Issue #3 of Bio-Based World Quarterly is now available.

Bayer bet big on high-tech crops with $66bn Monsanto take-over. 

Who is shortlisted for the Bio-Based Americas Innovation Awards 2016?

How toymakers are taking the lead on bio-based plastics.

Who are the big risers and fallers in the 2016 Dow Jones Sustainability Indices Review?

Expert View: The importance of metrology in realizing our synthetic biology potential.

Neste and IKEA teaming up on bio-based plastics and seeking further partners.

Toyobo and Avantium jointly develop thin films from 100% bio-based PEF.

New €3.8 million project launched to support SME’s in EU bio-economy.

Video: Making edible food packaging made from milk proteins.

View from the USA: Getting the bio-based industry ready for BRDI grants.

Testing underway for Evolva’s collaboration with US Navy on plant-based composites.

Expert View: Accelerating the impact of bio-based materials to further apparel industry sustainability.

Report:"Plastic better for the environment than alternatives such as paper and glass."

Henkel, BASF and Solidaridad ally to improve sustainable supply chains for palm oils.

NEC develop bio-plastic that has the look and colour of traditional Japanese lacquerware.

Walmart asks suppliers to stop using eight chemicals; seeks alternatives.

August 8th, the day when the earth went into debt with Mother Nature.

New IBM catalyst creates cheaper method to bring bio-based plastic to market.

Editor's focus: Inside the Bioprocess Pilot Facility in Delft.

$250m USDA funding pool to help bio-based chemicals and products seeks applications.

UK supermarket to serve up pasta with packaging made from food waste.

How Evonik plans to be the first company to commercialize biosurfactants.

Now accepting entries: Bio-Based Innovation Awards 2016 - Americas Edition.

Ask the industry: Frédéric Meyer, Director Strategy and Growth at TOTAL Fluides.

The bio-based development aiming to give reconstructive surgery a new face.

How a bio-based “Dragon Uniform” is being used by Chinese Olympians in Rio.

Expert View: 10 high-priority chemicals needing urgent government attention.

Basque consortium aims to develop an algae-based bio-refinery.

Tequila drinkers to help Ford drivers get a little more bio-based.

View from the USA: A billion reasons that chemicals and products are vital to a competitive bioeconomy.

Africa’s first sustainable bio-fuel flight takes to the skies.

Factsheet: Putting a focus on the sustainability of bio-based products.

Tableware made just from leaves gets crowd-funding boost.

Enzyme driven bio-plant to turn problem household waste into resource.

Report; US has potential to produce 1bn+ tons of non-food biomass annually by 2040.

'Common goal' helps forge Anellotech and Toyota Tsusho partnership.

Commercialization of bio-based products the focus for Ginkgo Bioworks and Amyris partnership.

IKEA and Newlight sign major partnership agreement.

High bio-based content compostable particle foam developed by BASF.

San Fran enacts ban on polystyrene product sales from 2017.

Expert View: How establishing a symbiotic relationship helps to advance fermentation processes.

What will Brexit mean for Britain's bio-economy and EU green targets?

Bio-Based World TV goes live!

Dow publish 10 year sustainability report and confirm future plans.

How tobacco could help produce a cheaper anti-malaria drug.

Now available! Issue #2 of Bio-Based World Quarterly

Biomimicry; an imitation of life offering huge potential.

The use of CO2 to produce plastic takes step forward with new Covestro plant.

Verdezyne, Dow AgroSciences among winners of Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards.

Why recycle when you can upcycle? A sustainability trend in focus.

Dutch natural cleaning products company go bio-based for their labels.

Global Bioenergies, L’Oréal and partners announce bio-isobutene plant project.

Ask the Industry: Philippe Gabant, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer at Syngulon.

Bio-based detergent launched by P&G's Tide brand.

Alaska Airlines takes to the skies on Gevo’s fuel made from alcohol.

Coming to an office or school bag soon, the world’s first certified bio-based ring binder.

Expert View: Getting sustainable products to market is about people, not products.

Triathletes keep focussed with new bio-based sunglasses from Mitsui.

How sustainable ingredients offer emerging opportunities from food waste.

Unibio takes step forward with first commercial licence agreement.

Coffee as strong as cement? Building the future of construction.

USDA announces $21 million for research and development in the bio-economy.

Who has won the the Bio-Based Innovation Awards (Europe) 2016?

10 Speaker Insights from Day Two of Bio-Based Chemicals and Products in Amsterdam.

10 Speaker Insights from Day One of Bio-Based Chemicals and Products in Amsterdam.

AVA-CO2 confirms it has successfully developed an interface for different FDCA oxidation routes.

Industry giants Gevo & Clariant announce revolutionary new biotechnology project

50 bio-based industry experts are ready to answer your big questions.

How orange peel is inspiring a new alternative to plastic packaging.

Ask the Industry: Max Senechal, Vice President of Strategy and Commercial Development, Metabolix.

Synthetic spider silk pioneers receive $50m funding boost. 

A truly green t-shirt; the world's first from 100% bio-based polyester.

Green gold: the secret life of microalgae, the renewable resource driving sustainability

Ask the Industry: Virginia Klausmeier, CEO & Founder, Sylvatex.

Project to reverse seaborne plastic pollution wins Katerva Awards.

NatureWax is lighting the way for un-bee-lievable bio-based products

Bio-based sound and vibration-reducing materials developed for rail.

Ask the Industry: Bernhard Guentner, Chief Executive Officer, Syngip.

S2G begins bio-based glycol production; moves to commercial scale.

15 key recommendations for your bio-based business in 2016.

First Tetra Top bottle with bio-based plastic hits the market with JUST water.

BASF opens new UK bio-acrylamide plant and extends bio activity.

No whey! Revolution in food packaging as the milk carton goes 100% bio.

Call for Papers: Bio-Based Chemicals and Products (San Francisco, September)

Sustainability exercise: New hemp Adidas footwear meets fitness and environmental goals.

Ask the Industry: Caroline Laurie, Head of Sustainability at Kingfisher.

Biohacking: Everything you need to know about DIY biology

Download the latest edition of Bio-Based World Quarterly

The house that bio-based built: growing African construction

Happy 5th birthday to the USDA Certified Bio-based Product Label.

How to go green with any colour ink: the root of plant-based printing

Eggshell nanoparticles aim to widen use of bio-plastic in packaging.

How the humble grapefruit could help combat the Zika virus.

The very hungry bacteria; how plastic is on the menu for one microbe.

Project to replace carcinogenic formaldehyde with bio-based 5-HMF underway.

Stranger than fiction; the world's first 3D printed house

FDCA commercialization boosted by BASF and Avantium J-V announcement.

Riding the green wave! Patagonia and Yulex’s bio-based wetsuit.

Corbion on track for major PLA plant construction in Thailand.

Developing the packaging products needed to grow the circular economy.

New lab to help progress commercialization of methane to lactic acid.

Finnish pioneers seek barrier to toxic transmissions in packaged food.

How Bioserie are making child's play of bio-based plastic.

Ikea partners with Newlight to further its renewable plastic use.

The “underrated” bio-based industries now provide €600bn & 3.2m jobs to Europe.

Expert view: Unlocking the promise of Bio-Based plastics.

Bricks from bacteria? How bio-based is reshaping traditional building.

JetBlue Airways commits to further development of bio-material use.

Philips increases its Green defined products to 54% of total sales.

World’s largest commercial biomass-fired power plant moves step closer.

Returning bio-based construction materials back to mainstream use.

What's been described as the "world's largest repertoire of enzymes that break down biomass?"

Arsenal star seeks international goals as his bio-chem company buys Segetis.

Korres Natural Products at 20; inside a natural success story.

Bio-rubber from bio-butadiene advances to pilot-scale production.

Australian spinifex grass plus Aboriginal expertise could make condoms 'as thin as human hair'.

France bans single-use bags; provides boost to bio-based alternatives.

Inside Ynsect - the French Revolutionaries aiming to tackle future food challenges.

Cool Planet's engineered bio-carbon product gets BioPreferred approval.

H&M aim to make Green the new Black with new Global Change Awards.

What are bio-based products? New factsheet aim to provide clarity.

Commercialization opportunities of biomass to sugar conversion boosted by Canadian study.

Tetra Pak to deliver 100m+ fully renewable bio-based packages in 2016.

AVA Biochem expands its bio-based portfolio to include FDCA.

USDA reserves $100 Million+ in loan guarantee funding for Biosynthetic Technologies.

Algae discovery offers commercialization path for cosmetics.

More plastic than fish in oceans by 2050; report urges circular economy response.

Introducing the world’s first and very gnarly bio-based snowboard.

"Game-changing" DuPont & ADM breakthrough delivers huge bio-based boost.

Documentary Video - ‘Panning for Green Gold: developing the algal bio-economy.’

Iowan report proposes bio-based chemicals tax credit system.

Suntory and Anellotech to continue developing 100% bio-based bottles.

Editor's Preview: ‘Realising the Opportunity’ – the IBioIC’s 2nd annual conference.

Dutch alliance to invest €11m a year in sustainable chemistry drive.

Audi and Global Bioenergies to further explore drop-in biofuel.

How Paptic aim to Finnish our damaging dependence on plastic bags.

Italy claims world’s first facility to produce bio-plastic from glycerol.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Bio-Based World News!

New bio-based ethanol catalyst paves way for product potential.

Introducing Bio-Based World; your new dedicated business community.

Avantium and Mitsui aim to deliver PEF bottles for 2020 Olympics.

Bio-derived butadiene production breakthrough from INVISTA and LanzaTech.

A Rivertop runs through it; building a bio-business in Montana.

Cheers to Green Ideas! Carlsberg reveal sustainable awards finalists.

BioVale: inside northern England's growing bio-economy powerhouse.

Top food & beverage brands rally for sustainable focus during COP21.

Crafting the connections to fuel Scotland's biotech ambitions.

Genomatica and Braskem now producing renewable butadiene at lab scale.

Ask the Industry: Dr. Molly Morse, CEO & Co-Founder, Mango Materials.

Bio-plastic boost as new microorganisms use waste as feedstock.

Joule and Red Rock Biofuels to merge and accelerate commercialization.

Verdezyne – bringing the future into focus.

Bioplastics market set to grow 350% by 2019 despite low oil price.

Deinove and Flint Hills Resources to develop new animal nutrition products.

World’s largest cellulosic ethanol plant opened by DuPont in Iowa.

European bio-economy boosted as regional clusters join to form 3BI.

How much are bio-based products worth to the US economy?

Gevo’s fresh start ensures a bright future for bio-based Isobutanol.

Accelerating the Canadian Bio-Based Chemical Industry.

Ask the Industry: Markus Hummelsberger, Marketing & Sales Director, Succinity

Chemicals Focus: n-Butanol

How LEGO are investing in the building blocks of a sustainable business.

Ask the Industry: Nadege Laborde, President of the Industrial Biotech Business Unit at Novasep.

The Amyris story: veterans of a new industry.

Video: You and your T-shirt - how to last as a couple.

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