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Bipartisan senate bill aims to promote innovation in American sustainable chemistry.

Posted on Aug 16, 2018 8:00:00 PM

Bi-partisan senate bill aims to promote the growth of innovation in sustainable chemistry in the USA.“We can do much more to ensure the things all around us—from our laundry detergent to our cars are produced in a way that maintains their high quality while protecting our health and our planet."

The 30th July saw Senators Chris Coons (D-Delaware) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) proposed a bill encouraging the development of chemicals and products under new and improved environmental and human standards. This bipartisan bill aims to encourage the development of new and innovative chemicals, products and processes with an improved environmental footprint through efficient use of resources, reducing or eliminating exposure to hazardous substances, or otherwise minimizing harm to human health and the environment. 

This bi-partisan bill, follows a similar one in 2015 which aimed to support the spread of a green chemistry initiative in the United States and was first reported on Chemical Watch.

“Sustainable chemistry is an important scientific field that aims to improve the efficiency of the chemical production process while reducing risks to human health and the environment,” said Senator Collins ( @SenatorCollins ). 

“This bipartisan bill would create a coordinated national effort to support research and development in the sustainable chemistry field; provide grants, training, and educational opportunities for scientists and engineers; and support American jobs by maintaining our nation’s scientific leadership” continued Collins.

Though, “the bill does not include any regulatory components, nor does it authorize new spending.” Instead, the bill focuses on the development of a "roadmap for sustainable chemistry.”

“Finding ways to encourage innovation, create new companies and jobs, and benefit human health and the environment is something that should bring us all together,” said Senator Coons. “We can do much more to ensure the things all around us—from our laundry detergent to our cars—are produced in a way that maintains their high quality while protecting our health and our planet. By creating a cohesive vision for sustainable chemistry research and development, improving training and retraining of scientists and other professionals, and building new partnerships with the private sector; the bipartisan Sustainable Chemistry Research and Development Act is an exciting opportunity to maintain our scientific leadership and ensure the sustainability of our chemical enterprise for years to come.”

Already, The Green Chemistry & Commerce Council (GC3) a multi-stakeholder collaborative with goals of commercial adoption of green chemistry, has endorsed the bill. This was preceded by the support of the American Sustainable Business Council. Chemical organisations such as the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and the American Chemistry Society.

“ACC welcomes the introduction of the ‘Sustainable Chemistry Research and Development Act,’” said ACC President and CEO Cal Dooley in a statement - “It is critical for government and industry to work together to accelerate innovations in chemistry that will help solve critical sustainability challenges while protecting the U.S. business of chemistry’s global competitive advantage.”

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