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Five bio-based Christmas gifts that won't cost the earth.

Posted on Dec 7, 2017 6:15:00 PM

Bio-Based Christmas gifts that won't cost the earth (Pic courtesy of Beco Pets)Choosing Christmas presents can be hard, even more so than when you work in the bio-based sector and know the harm that disposable shopping and harmful plastics are doing to our planet. So with Christmas, just 17 days away, the team here at Bio-Based World News have put our heads together and come up with some of our favourite bio-based and sustainable products. From baby toys to dog toys, and from underwear to pens, here's a selection that will delight family and friends and help out the planet a little too...


Bio-Based Christmas gifts that won't cost the earth (Pic courtesy of Bio Serie)

Ever dreamt of finding toys that are free of harmful chemicals, yet easy to clean, brightly coloured and fun to play with? Look no further. Bioserie’s baby toys collection is just what you need to keep baby amused from the moment he/she starts to grasp into toddlerhood. Teethers, rattles, sorters, stackers are made from the brand’s proprietary blend of biomaterials, derived from corn-starch based PLA and non petrochemical additives. These toys, 100% biobased certified by the USDA, are also proud to pioneer the MADE SAFE® seal in their industry.

Available here, at select retailers and online (such as

Bio-Based Christmas gifts that won't cost the earth (Pic courtesy of  Begin Again Toys )

EcoRigs Dump Truck

Made in the USA from an exclusive sugar cane and corn cob bio-plastic, this working Dump Truck has a chunky durable design, working dump bed, easy to grip cage, and the scent of toasted corn. Made in collaboration with farmers and factories, the John Deere's signature green and yellow brings to life the true story of the corn being harvested by John Deere tractors, brought to the U.S. factory, and turned into THE must have play dump truck.This dump truck makes a great gift and you won't find this sturdy construction or exclusive sugar cane and corn cob bio-plastic anywhere else!

Brought to you from Begin Again. Based in Colorado, Begin Again is a green toy company that designs eco-friendly children's toy vehicles that teach, challenge, and let kids explore!

Available here John Deere or Amazon 

Marc Skid Underwear

  Bio-Based Christmas gifts that won't cost the earth (Pic courtesy of Marc Skid)A premium, eco-friendly underwear brand with a passion for bettering the world… and a cheeky name! Launched in October by Dan Barry, who after spending 25 years at Anhueser-Busch “decided to do something completely different” its organic cotton underwear is offered in both men and women's styles in four colours - blue, green, red and white. Each colour supports a branch of Marc Skid's platform - green underwear funds feeding the world, blue supports saving the world, red supports charities that cure the world and white gives customers the option to choose any affiliated charity. Each pair of underwear is made with organic pima cotton, which is GMO-free and hand picked in Peru. Marc Skid donates $4 from each purchase to one of nine Charity Navigator Four Star charity partners of the customer's choice.

Available here: Marc Skid

Beco Pets Dog Toys Bio-Based Christmas gifts that won't cost the earth (Pic courtesy of Beco Pets)

Every day over 20,000 tonnes of waste plastic enters our oceans, that is enough to displace the water of Loch Ness 3 times over. Beco Pets is tackling the problem dog toy by dog toy, their Beco Family are made from 100% recycled plastic, each giving a second life to roughly 9 bottles that would otherwise pollute our oceans. Armed with double stitching, a squeaker and made from a tough material, these toys as a durable and fun as they are good for the environment.

Available here: Beco Pets. 

 Bio-Based Christmas gifts that won't cost the earth (Pic courtesy of Schneider)The Link-it pen, 

1 pen, 2 different tips and 16 extraordinary colors! The Link-It is a fineliner and a fibrepen made of bio-based plastic from the German pen company Schneider. The fineliners and fibre pens can be cleverly linked and combined thanks to a genius click-system. Not only can you link your favorite colors, but also different writing systems. The special and patented click-system is cleverly integrated in the end of the barrel. With its variety of colors and its different writing systems, the Link-It pens are the perfect pens to be used for mandalas and zentangles which is the current trend in the drawing and paper arts world.  The amount of 88% bio based material was confirmed by DIN CERTCO, an independent certification organization.

Available here at Schneider Pen.

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