• Webinar - The new wave in bio-based materials_ maximum value from lignin
  • Corbion - Together We Can Change the World!
  • Commercialising the bio-economy, WBM19
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Editorial Calendar 2019 


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Friday 18th 







Friday 1st

Friday 15th

Friday 25th - *Special WBM Preview Issue*




#1 Introducing bio-based and sustainable components to long-standing supply chains.

Deadline for content:

Thursday 14th 

#1 MetGen – the new wave in bio-based materials: maximum value from lignin with industry-specific fractionsTuesday 26th 




Friday 15th

Friday 29th

Issue #13. Deadline for content / adverts: Friday 1st

Publication date: Week commencing Monday 18th

Special printed edition.


  • Scale-up best practice
  • Next generation bio-plastics
  • Awards
  • Bio-Stars
  • Key note interviews



#1 Space Reserved for White Paper

Wednesday 6th March



*Special #1 - from WBM (Tuesday 2nd)

*Special #2 - from WBM (Wednesday 3rd)

Friday 19th


#2 Successfully managing a shift to bio-based: An Insider's Guide for brands.Monday 22nd April



#2 Space Reserved for White Paper

Wednesday 10th April



Friday 3rd

Friday 17th

Friday 31st


#3 Bringing  synthetic biology innovations to commercial scale.

Thursday 30th May


#2 Bio Process Plant – Key steps and processes for successful scale up and growth.

Wednesday 22nd May






Friday 15th

Friday 28th

Issue #14.  Deadline for content / adverts: Friday 7th

 Publication date: Week commencing Monday 17th


  • Sourcing alternative finance
  • Post-Brexit Britain, open for business?
  • Outdoor clothing – leaders in sustainability
  • County focus: Denmark



#3 Space Reserved for White Paper Wednesday 5th June



Friday 12th

Friday 26th



#3 AVAILABLE. From lab to market – navigating the successfully the valley of death – from those that have done this.

Wednesday 24th July

#4 Space Reserved for White Paper

Wednesday 17th July



Friday 9th

Friday 24th


#4 The next generation of technologies and tactics for scale up.

14th August.






Friday 6th

Friday 20th

Issue #15. Deadline for content / adverts: Friday 13th

Publication date: Week commencing Monday  23rd


  • Choosing partners for growth
  • Asia – more than just feedstock?
  • Special report, communicating sustainability
  • Country focus: Belgium.


#4 AVAILABLE. Start-up to take-off:  Building your synthetic biology business.

Wednesday 11th.






Friday 11th

Friday 25th


#5 Building you bio-based business: A toolkit for growth.

Wednesday 16th  

#5 AVAILABLE. Overcoming process engineering challenges.

Wednesday 9th. 


#5 Space Reserved for White Paper. Tuesday 22nd. 



Friday 8th

Friday 22nd


#6 The World Bio Markets Outlook 2020. Wednesday 27th 

#6 AVAILABLE. Matching molecules to market: successfully targeting applications and products.Tuesday 19th. 






Friday 6th

Friday 20th – *End of Year Special*

Issue #16. Deadline for content / adverts: Friday November 22nd  


Publication date: Week commencing Monday  2nd.


  • Shaking the supply chain, how, what and why?
  • The next generation of enzyme technologies.
  • Algae in focus.
  • Country focus: Finland.



#6 Space Reserved for White Paper

4th December