Hear from the industry's leading figures at World Bio Markets.

Thomas Arnold.pngThomas Arnold, Advisor of Sustainable Bio-economy, European Commission

David Babson-2.pngDavid Babson, Senior Advisor, US Department of Agriculture

Patrick Schiffers-1.pngPatrick Schiffers, Chief Executive Officer, Synvina

Bill Levy-1.pngBill Levy, Chief Executive Officer, Pacific AG

 Bruno Miller-1.png
Bruno Miller, Managing Director - Biofuels, Fulcrum Bioenergy

Guillaume Lebert.pngGuillaume Lebert, Sustainability Senior Scientist, Procter & Gamble

Gabe Davies.pngGabe Davies, European Surf Manager, Patagonia

Sean Sutcliffe-2.png

Sean Sutcliffe, Chief Executive Officer, Green Biologics

Christophe Schilling.png
Christophe Schilling
, CEO & Co-Founder, Genomatica

Fokko Kroesen.pngFokko Kroesen, Environmental Manager, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

5-12.pngDavid Sudolsky, Chief Executive Officer, Annellotech

Steven De Boer.pngSteven de Boer, Sustainability Leader, Technology Petrochemicals, Sabic

6-13.pngMarcel Lubben, President, Reverdia

Jim Mahoney-1.png

Jim Mahoney, Chief Executive Officer, Novomer

Gustavo Sergi-1.png

Gustavo Sergi, Renewable Chemicals Business Director, Braskem

Per Sune Koustrup-1.png

Per Sune Koustrup, CEO and Co-Founder, Nordic Green APS

Dirk Kronemeijer.pngDirk Kronemeijer, Chief Executive Officer, GoodFuels

Arunas Chesonis-2.pngArunas Chesonis, Chief Executive Officer, Sweetwater Energy

4-8638897.pngLen Humphreys, Chief Executive Officer, Licella

Anna Rath.pngAnna Rath, Chief Executive Officer, Nexsteppe

Søren Kristiansen-2.png

Soren Kristiansen, Senior Technology Director Materials, Lego

Johan Bruck-2.jpg

Johan Bruck, Deputy Materials Innovation Development Leader, IKEA

Tom Domen-1.pngTom Domen, Global Head of Innovation, Ecover/Method

Misha Valk.pngMisha Valk, Head of Business Development, SkyNRG

Karl Feilder.pngKarl Feilder, Chairman & CEO, Neutral Fuels

Per Regnarsson-1.pngPer Regnarsson, Chief Executive Officer, CWC Biofuels

Henrik Busch-Larsen-1.pngHenrik Busch-Larsen, Chief Executive Officer, Unibio

Alex Bulc-3.png

Ales Bulc, Managing Director, Global Bioenergies GmbH

José Ramos-2.png

Jose Ramos, President, Visel Biofuels

Mark Simmers.png

Mark Simmers, Chief Executive Officer, Celtic Renewables

Jeff Brown-1.png

Jeff Brown, Chief Executive Officer, Novvi

Darcy Prather-1.png

Darcy Prather, President, Kalion Inc

Virginia Klausmeier-1.pngVirginia Klausmeier, Chief Executive Officer, Sylvatex

7-8.pngChristian Kemp Griffin, Executive Director and CEO, Cellucomp

Charlie Dimmler.pngCharlie Dimmler, Founder & CEO, Checkerspot


Joachim Schulze, Managing Director, EW Biotech

Philippe Mengal-1.pngPhilippe Mengal, Executive Director, BBI JU

Martin Jehart-1.jpgMartin Jehart, Chief Executive Officer, Organoid Technologies

Jason King.png

Jason King, Chief Executive Officer, Oxford Biotrans

Atul Saxena.png

Axel Saxena, Founder, Growdiesel Ventures Limited

8-4.pngJean-Luc Dubois, Scientific Director, Arkema


11-5.pngClarisse Doucet, R&D Prospective Innovation Manager, Total Special Fluids

1-476420965451.pngPetri Vasara, Director and Head of Global Consulting Practice, Poyry

Micheal Carus.png
Michael Carus,
Chief Executive Officer, Nova Institute

Martin Stephan.png
Martin Stephan,
Deputy CEO, Carbios

Magnus Nyden.png
Magnus Nydén,
Chief Scientist Speciality Chemicals, AkzoNobel

Tom Beardslee-1.png
Tom Beardslee, Vice President, Research and Development, Verdezyne

Zanna Mcferson.png
Zanna McFerson, Chief Business Development Officer, Avantium

Chris Sayer.png
Chris Sayner, Vice President, Customer Alliances, Corporate Sustainability, Croda International Plc

Carl Wolf, Lanzatech.jpg

Carl Wolf, VP Europe, Lanzatech

Stefano Facco-2.png

Stefano Facco, Head of New Business Development, Novamont

Tiina Nakari-Setälä, Vice President Research, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd

Tim Cesarek.png

Tim Cesarek, SVP Business Development, Enerkem

North European Oil Trade.png
Timo Huhtisaari,
Director, Sustainability, North European Oil Trade Oy

Michael Deutsch.pngMichael Deutsch, Director, Biochemicals, UPM

Holli Alexander.pngHolli Alexander, Strategic Initiatives Manager, Global Sustainability, Eastman

Jori Sihvonen.pngJori Sihvonen, Biofuels Officer, Transport and Environment

Neville Hargreaves.png
Neville Hargreaves,
Business Development Director, Velocys

Thomas Parsons.png
Thomas Parsons, Biofuels Commercial Development Project Manager and Analyst, Air BP

Paolo Corvo.png
Paolo Corvo,
Head of Business Development, Biofuels and Derivatives Europe, Clariant

Steve Cohen-1.png

Steve Cohen, Director, Catalyst and Chemicals Technology, Elevance Renewable Sciences

Raul Pires,
Global Head New Technologies, Covestro

Stephanie Triau.pngStephanie Triau, Co-Founder and CEO, Bioserie

Marc van Gastel.pngMarc van Gastel, Director, Investment, Flanders Investment and Trade

Jea So.png
Jea So,
CEO, 100 Bio and President, Tag Packaging

Reimer Ivang.pngReimer Ivang, CEO, Better World Fashion

Reyna Bryan-2.png
Reyna Bryan, Director of Strategy, Elk Packaging

Kati Randell.png
Kati Randell,
Senior Manager, Strategic Packaging Development, Paulig

Lucy Nattrass.png
Lucy Nattrass, Project Leader Bio-based Materials Corporate R&D and Innovation, AkzoNobel

Giuliano Grassi.pngGiuliano Grassi, Secretary General, European Biomass Industry Association

Seth Ginter.png
Seth Ginther,
Executive Director, US Industrial Pellets Association

Geraldine Kutas.png
Geraldine Kutas,
Head of International Affairs, The Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association

Don McCabe-1.png

Don McCabe, Vice President, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

Josko Bobanovic.png
Josko Bobanovic, Partner, Sofinnova Partners

John Williams-1.jpg

John Williams, Senior Partner, Sinvestec

Oliver Sexton-1.png

Oliver Sexton, Investment Director, Rainbow Seed Fund

Dhivya Puri-1.pngDhivya Puri, Senior Technical Lead, Research and Development, Fiberight

Antoine Charbonneau.pngAntoine Charbonneau, VP Business Development, Celluforce

Jos Peeters, Managing Partner, Capricorn Venture Capital-1.jpgJos Peeters, Managing Partner, Capricorn Venture Partners

Bruno Rudnik.png
Bruno Rudnik, Managing Director, Sustech Consult

Sandy Marshall.pngSandy Marshall, Executive Director, Bioindustrial Innovation Canada

Eva Van de Brugge.pngEva van der Brugge, Innovation Manager, Fashion for Good

Mark Geerts.pngMark Geerts, Chief Executive Officer, Paperfoam

Tuomas Mustonen-1.pngTuomas Mustonen, Chief Executive Officer, Paptic

Samir Somaiya.pngSamir Somaiya, Chief Executive Officer, Godavari Biorefineries Inc

Harmen Willemse.pngHarmen Willemse, Consultant, NEN

Richard Delahay.pngRichard Delahay, Managing Director, Sustainability Consult

Gadi Rothenberg.pngProf. Gadi Rothenberg, Faculty of Science, University of Amsterdam

Cynthia Phillips.pngCynthia Phillips, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, The Disruptive Factory

Duncan Macleod.pngDuncan MacLeod, Former CEO, Iogen

Luke Upton.pngLuke Upton, Editor, Bio-Based World News