Here's what our attendees have to say...

"The World Bio Markets Conference in Amsterdam was a great opportunity to learn about companies and organizations across the whole renewables value chain, from farmers and resource managers, feedstock converters and bio-engineers, chemical manufacturers, polymer resin producers, large and small consumer product makers, to logistics and technology support firms and governmental bodies and NGOs.  The schedule was very full but there were opportunities to engage with speakers during the panel discussions and networking breaks. The organizers provided a ready mechanism and rooms for scheduling individual meetings that were quite productive since the right people (i.e. thought-leaders and decision-makers) were in attendance. The speakers and panelists were well prepared and the session chairs/panel moderators were effective at raising challenging issues.  Overall, one of best conferences I’ve attended."

Steve Cohen, Director, Catlyst and Chemicals Technology, Elevance

“World Bio Markets 2018 was a fantastic conference for our company.  It allowed us to understand the latest issues facing the bio economy and learn about the new technologies and business approaches being developed.  In addition to the information, we were able to make a number of strategic introductions that can lead to long term partnerships.”

Jeff Brown, CEO, Novvi

I really enjoyed the event. I was great to meet so many new people and to share a little about USDA’s thinking on the bio-economy. It would be great to join again in the future.

David Babson, Senior Advisor, USDA

“As well as presentations giving up-to-date state-of-the-art information, at this conference every opportunity turns into a networking meeting with biotech leaders from around the world; it felt like home.”

Marcel van Berkel, Project Director, Bio-Based Delta

"I was very impressed by the event. Participants had the chance to see how innovation can drive new business models. Most importantly, it was a great opportunity to exchange experiences, learn about success stories in different continents and be inspired by them. "

Flavio Benedito, Innovation Manager Cefic

"It was a pleasure to attend the World Bio Markets 2018. Good conference with important industrial input."

Prof Gadi Rothenberg, University of Amsterdam

“The World Bio Markets conference was a great experience. I will be back next year”

Reimer Ivang, CEO, Better World Fashion

"Great forum to meet market oriented people in the field!"

Jere Koskinen, CEO, EcoTradex

"The biggest issue was running out of business cards."

Jurjen Spekreijse, Junior Consultant, BTGBiomassTechnology

"Great experience overall"

Marcelo Costa, Strategy and New Business Analyst, Oxiteno

"The event was beyond expectation"

Con Theeuwen, Senior Technology Manager, AkzoNobel

"Very professional show"

Holger Bühler, Senior Manger Corporate Planning and Strategy


Frederic Bonte, Business Development Manager, Praxair 

"I'm very happy to have attended the World Bio Markets 2018 and I've had many opportunities to meet interesting companies and improve my knowledge on these topics."

Stefano Alini, Research and Development Manager, Radici Group

"I really enjoyed this event as it brought very good networking experience."

Jorge Martinez Gacio, Technologist, Axens

"Great opportunity to network and keep abreast of Bio materials developments around the world."

Steve Rodgers, Chief Executive Officer, Licella

"Excellent experience as a new person to the bio market"

Peter O' Loughlin, Vice President of Global Sales, Green Biologics

"World Bio Markets continues to set the standard for international biofuels conferences - good range of attendees from across the biofuel, biochemical and funding sectors."

Nick Brooks, Chief Executive Officer, Future Blends Limited

Absolutely fulfils a need. Many interesting companies. Good representation from Europe and Americas.

Peter Van der Donk, Business Developer, University of Amsterdam

Becoming indispensable!

Micha Hes, Business Development Manager, Port of Amsterdam