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Posted on Apr 4, 2016 9:33:55 PM

 Welcome to Bio-Based World News Quarterly your dedicated guide to the latest news and essential business developments for bio-based chemicals and products.

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Publication date: Week commencing September 24th

Issue #10 - Summer 2018

Bio-Based World Quarterly Issue 10 - 310 x 417-3

In this edition...

  • Expert View: Invest-ability of the bio-economy.
  • Who are the winners of the 2018 Bio-Based World News Awards?
  • Project Focus: How the digitalisation of bio products is boosting market connection
  • Headliner: Professor Orla Feely, Vice-President for Research, Innovation and Impact at University College Dublin.
  • Growing the Irish Forest Bio-economy.
  • Project Focus: Converting dairy by-products into high value bio-based chemicals in Tipperary.
  • Biomethane on Ireland’s national gas grid for first time – a first for Ireland’s bio-economy.
  • How the ButaNexT project is helping realise the dream of cost-competitive biobutanol.
  • The Last Word with, Jeremiah Dutton, Head of Sales at Trifilon.
  • News in brief, and much more…

Click here to download Bio-Based World Quarterly Issue #10


Issue #9 - Spring 2018

Bio-Based World Quarterly Issue #9 Front Cover.jpgIn this edition...

  • Headliner: Gabe Davies, European Surf Manager, Patagonia.
  • The ‘Model-T Ford of the biorefining industry’ that is offering huge new rewards from waste streams.
  • We need to go much further, much faster,’ in changes to packaging urges Unilever chief.
  • How TechnipFMC are using 60+ years of experience to develop a growing range of bio-based polymers.
  • Five very different ways that can help tackle the global plastic crisis.
  • BBI JU 2017 Stakeholder forum – Bringing together the bio-based community
  • Project Focus: Moving Europe’s mountain of nappies from landfill to helping create useful bio-based products.
  • Cutting the cost of biorefining with on-site enzyme production.
  • The Last Word with … Christophe Schilling, CEO of Genomatica.
  • News in brief, and much more…

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Issue #8 - Winter 2017

Issue 8 Cover

In this edition...

  • How London’s coffee drinkers are helping bio-based fuel to power their buses.
  • Construction begins on first wood gasification plant in the Netherlands at the Port of Amsterdam.
  • Building the partnerships to help Europe achieve its bio-based potential.
  • Project focus: Extracting high value products from sugar beet pulp.
  • New report shines a light on the relationship between brands and bio-based materials.
  • Synthetic biology breakthrough could ignite cheaper bio-fuel production.
  • Bio-based rubber to give “optimal bounce” to official ball of the FIFA World Cup 2018.
  • The Last Word with… Tom Beardslee, Vice President of Research and Development at Verdezyne.
  • News in brief and much more…

Click here to download Bio-Based World Quarterly Issue #8

Issue #7 - Autumn 2017

Bio-Based World Quarterly 7

In this edition...

  • Bio-based steps up with the first-ever moulded shoe made from algae.
  • Corbion comes to the rescue of TerraVia with $20m bid
  • Procter & Gamble share fragrance ingredients as consumers push for greater transparency.
  • Iowa Seeks to Lead $250B Bio-chemical Industry with United States’ First Tax Credit
  • How Arctic Biomaterials develop composites inspired by nature.
  • In a turbulent economy, purpose not profit is business leader’s key to success states EY report.
  • From sewer to brewer,  the first beer made using recycled urine!
  • The Last Word with…Virginia Klausmeier, Founder of Sylvatex.
  • And much more... 

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Issue #6 - Summer 2017

BBWN Quarterly #6In this edition...
"We have a motto to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow. We want to influence the kids today to influence the adults of the future."

  • Just how are LEGO remaking their bricks and building sustainable citizens of the future?
  • Inside Story: Synvina – The Joint Venture of BASF and Avantium.
  • How UPM Biochemicals are maximising the opportunity found in our forests.
  • Expert View: “Now is the time to seize the bio-based opportunity!"
  • Growing plant-based footwear is “just the first step” for Reebok.
  • PepsiCo are teaming up with Danimer to move closer towards its biodegradeable packaging aims.
  • News in Brief... 
  • And much, much more 

Click here to download Bio-Based World Quarterly Issue #6

Issue #5 - Spring 2017 

BBWN #5 Magazine-1In this edition...

  • “Looking good should do good too” - H&M and their new collection made from shoreline waste.
  • How NEN stimulates the growth of the industry through standards and certification. 
  • The €3.7 billion partnership helping European regions achieve their bio-based potential.
  • Bio-based plastic demand continues to rise despite falling oil costs.
  • Could laser labelling be coming to a supermarket near you?
  • IKEA to make sustainability "an option for everyone" with kitchens made from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Global Bioenergies swoop for Dutch conversion technology start-up Syngip.

  • The Last Word:Julia Schifter, Business Development Director at TIPA.
  • And much, much more... 

Click here to download Bio-Based World Quarterly Issue #5

Issue #4 - Winter 2016/17

4 Cover NEWIn this edition...

  • Issue 8 CoverimageCarlsberg's new bio-based beer bottles to ‘step up' to sustainability targets
  • Big oil meets bio-based as Saudi Aramco buys a $100m sustainable polyol technology.
  • Country focus: Finland a world leader in the forest bio-economy.
  • Five UK R&D centres forge new alliance to support bio-economy growth.
  • DuPont and Tate & Lyle at 10; a partnership “grown past what was previously imagined.”
  • View from the USA: It’s a Whole New World with President Trump
  • The Last Word : Sophie Mather, Material Futurist at Biov8tion.
  • News in brief featuring eco-helmet, Walmart, Corbion, Total and more
  • Plus other great stories. 

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Issue #3 - Autumn 2016

Issue #3 of Bio-Based World News

  • In this edition... 
  • San Fran enacts ban on polystyrene product sales from 2017.
  • New ways of learning for a new industry.
  • Expert View: Accelerating the impact of bio-based materials to further apparel industry sustainability.
  • Inside the Bioprocess Pilot Facility in Delft, the Netherlands.
  • Ask the industry: Frédéric Meyer, Director Strategy and Growth at TOTAL Fluides
  • Bio-based detergent launched by P&G's Tide brand.
  • Tequila drinkers to help Ford drivers get a little more bio-based.
  • News in brief featuring Walmart, NEC, Evolva, IBM and much more…

Click here to download Bio-Based World Quarterly Issue #3

Issue #2 - Summer 2016


  • In this edition...
  • A truly green t-shirt; the world’s first made from 100% bio-based polyester.
  • How a Tetra Top bottle with bio-based plastic hits the market with JUST water.
  • 15 key recommendations for your bio-based business in 2016.
  • An in-depth look at how orange peel and Tipa is inspiring a new alternative to plastic packaging. 
  • 10 Speaker Insights from Bio-Based Products and Bio-Based Chemicals World in Amsterdam.
  • The Big Interview: Caroline Laurie, Head of Sustainability at Kingfisher.
  • News in Brief: Featuring adidas, Gevo, AVA-CO2 and more. 
  • And much more... 


Click here to download Bio-Based World Quarterly Issue #2

Issue #1 - Spring 2016


  • In this edition.... 
  • How Bioserie are making child's play of bio-based plastic
  • Verdezyne - bringing the future into focus
  • Expert view: unlocking the promise of bio-based plastics
  • The Amyris story: veterans of a new industry
  • The Big Interview: Marianna Ralli, Scientific Affairs Manager,Korres Natural Products
  • Editor's preview: Bio-Based Chemicals World and Bio-Based Products World
  • News in Brief featuring: Jet Blue Airways, DIBBIOPACK, Corbion, the underrated Bio-Based industries and more. 
  • And much more...  


Click here to download Bio-Based World Quarterly Issue #1

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Publication date: Week commencing December 3rd

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Deadline for content / adverts: March 1st 2019 

Publication date: Week commencing March 18th 2019

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