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The top ten bio-economy stories of 2018... revealed!

Posted on Dec 20, 2018 11:30:00 AM

Top 10 stories of the year -As we come to the end of the year, we offer as is now the tradition (if something we've been doing for two years can be considered such...) the ten most read stories of the year and a few of our other favourites from across 2018. 

It's been quite an eventful year, with some major breakthroughs and announcements and a glut of brands turning to bio-based as under pressure from customers, they seek to make their products more sustainable. But there have still been failures, the costs and pressures of scale up again being a challenge too far from some high-profile companies. 

A big thanks for all the support across this year, and we look forward to lots more stories (plus some developments we can't tell you about yet!) in 2019. 

So has made the top ten? 

Top 10 most read stories of the year 

1. Which companies have banned the use of plastic straws?

2. Your shirt is rubbish! Man Utd launch new kit made from recycled plastic waste.

3. It's official! Braskem’s carbon-negative claims for its bio-based plastic are approved.

4. White Paper: Communicating the bio-based content of products in the EU and the US.

5. Verdezyne becomes latest victim of liquidation, as investors withdraw funding.

6. CO2 + sunlight = chemicals at Photanol’s planned new demo plant.

New Call-to-action7. Bio-leather made from apples – one of the 15 start-ups aiming to change fashion.

8. Introducing a 100% bio-based transparent and thermally stable polyamide made from wood waste.

9. Seeing red? Starbucks festive cups face up to growing sustainability questions.

10. Bio-plastic JV Synvina under threat over dispute about investment deadline.

Editor's choice

Our favourite video: Meet Plantus Maximus – the LEGO character helping bring their bio-based dream to life.

Luke's favourite story: How an outdoor clothing brand and the Basque cider tradition have partnered to create natural dyes.

Liz's favourite story: UK’s biggest crisp brand Walkers launches recycling scheme for crisp packets.

Best celebrity endorsement: The Fresh Prince goes bio-based with launch of new water bottle in 800+ UK shops.

The issue of the Quarterly with our favourite cover: Issue #10 with our Connemara cow.   

Thanks for reading!

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