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Platform chemical pioneers BioBTX announce the official opening of a pilot plant.

Posted on Sep 20, 2018 11:31:19 AM

Platform chemical pioneers BioBTX announce the official opening of a pilot plant.

This pilot plant will initially convert non-food liquid biomass, like glycerol and fatty acids. In a second stage, the unit will be made suited to process solid biomass and end-of-life materials, like plastics and composites as well.

The pilot plant is located at Zernike Advance Processing (“ZAP”) site in Groningen the Netherlands, a semi-industrial environment with a focus on bio-based products, where knowledge institutions and businesses can take the important step from lab bench to medium scale production in green chemistry and biotechnology. Earlier this year, the offices of BioBTX have moved to this site, thus facilitating optimal communication and operation.

“We are excited that we can make this next step in commercialization of our technology following successful laboratory experiments in collaboration with the University of Groningen”, Pieter Imhof, CEO of BioBTX ( @BioBTX )  says. “This is a milestone in our work to support the transition to a sustainable and circular economy. With this pilot plant we will be able to proof and optimize the technology, and provide samples to our partners for product and application research, for example by conversion into bio-based plastics."

“The support of the shareholders as well as national (RVO), regional (SNN, Provinces of Groningen and Drenthe and municipality of Emmen) and European subsidies has enabled us to make this important step for our company. We are looking forward to the outcomes from our pilot plant operation, which will allow us to commercialize our technology” added Imhof.

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