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Published today! Issue #9 of Bio-Based World Quarterly.

Posted on Mar 14, 2018 4:14:00 PM

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“Whenever Patagonia came to a big cross roads decision, making the right choice for the environment has always proven to be the right choice for the business. People thought moving to 100% Organic cotton back in 1996 would ruin us because the prices would sky rocket. We made a committed decision to support healthy agriculture and ecosystems and people understood why we made that choice and sales went up.”

Welcome to the ninth issue of the Bio-Based World Quarterly, your dedicated guide to the latest news and essential business developments for bio-based chemicals, products and fuels and the brands that purchase, use and sell them.

The above quote is from Gabe Davies, European Surf Manager, Patagonia who is the subject of our headliner interview. He’s been on a fascinating journey from pro-surfer to working with bio-based materials for Patagonia and he sat down with our Editor Luke to offer some great insights. Issue #9 also features an in-depth look at how Attis Innovations are offering huge new rewards from waste streams, a rallying call from Unilever, a look at TechnipFMC’s growing range of bio-based polymers, some amazing ways to tackle the plastics crisis, investigates a project recycling nappies and much more…

Download: Issue #9 of Bio-Based World Quarterly to read about:

  • Headliner: Gabe Davies, European Surf Manager, Patagonia.
  • The ‘Model-T Ford of the biorefining industry’ that is offering huge new rewards from waste streams.
  • We need to go much further, much faster,’ in changes to packaging urges Unilever chief.
  • How TechnipFMC are using 60+ years of experience to develop a growing range of bio-based polymers.
  • Five very different ways that can help tackle the global plastic crisis.
  • BBI JU 2017 Stakeholder forum – Bringing together the bio-based community
  • Project Focus: Moving Europe’s mountain of nappies from landfill to helping create useful bio-based products.
  • Cutting the cost of biorefining with on-site enzyme production.
  • The Last Word with … Christophe Schilling, CEO of Genomatica.
  • And much more…

The next issue will be published Week commencing June 25th 2018 (Deadline for Content June 15th) if you’d like to feature or advertise contact or call +44 (0) 207 045 090 to discuss how you can work with us.

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